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Great British Entrepreneur Awards

Here at the TBTS HQ we are super excited to announce that we have been shortlisted for the Great British Entrepreneur Awards under the Food and Drink category and the Wellbeing category. We have worked super hard to bring you the best blends but all of that would have been pointless if it wasn't for the most important ingredient of all- YOU! Thank you to all of my customers, blend testers and suppliers. Your support has been greatly appreciated.


Come sea us at Sheffs!

St Davids 2 Cardiff

Next time you're in Cardiff check out Sheffs in St Davids 2 Shopping Centre. Not only will you find our blends there but also a fabulous range of treats including, fudge, Fab Four Coffee, Jams, preserves and biscuits. Our favourite is the Caramelised Biscuit Fudge.
* If you're an NHS employee then you can get 10% off our blends! *



#Feel the peace

Our last Daily Calm kit was so popular that we have created a new kit with your favourites and some added extras. 
This kit has everything you need to help you balance your well-being. Whether you are feeling stressed, tired, anxious, or in need of some TLC then this is the kit for you. 


About Us

I'm Emily and welcome to TEA BY THE SEA. As a child my love for tea started early! I would often be seen clutching a bottle of tea as a baby and then later as a young girl walking to school with a mug in my hand (Despite the funny looks, this habit still continues to this day!) However, my story doesn't start with a good cup of tea, instead it starts with a really bad one...
Having just purchased and consumed a really bad cup of tea, I bought another one. Only this time instead of adding hot water I ripped open the bag to see exactly what I was drinking. To my dismay I couldn't actually see what was in the bag. All I could see was dust and smell something that resembled a floral scent. When I made my original purchase I thought I was going to be tasting something 'natural' that was going to taste good and do my body good too. For years I had been blending teas for myself at home and out of no where I said "I can do better than this". That was it. I went home and started blending and researching continuously. I came to realise that as a nation of tea drinkers we were becoming short changed when it came to our favourite drink and not only that but the planet too. 
96% of tea bags contain plastic and most herbal teas are ground down so much we are unable to see or taste what we are consuming. It was a priority that our teas were to be 100% natural, contain whole flower and whole fruit, be Fairtrade and that all packaging to be eco friendly. Six months later TEA BY THE SEA was born and I am now so pleased to be able to offer a selection of teas that meet our brief. You will only find nature in our compostable teabags, you will only enjoy nature in our blends and you only have nature to thank for the taste. 


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