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Women’s Balance #HRTea

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Breathe... This luxury blend of whole flower red clover, whole chamomile flower and rose will restore some balance into your life! Designed to support women through the menopause this tea contains red clover which contains a natural phytoestrogen. 

Ingredients: Red Clover, chamomile and rose petal. 

Taste: mildly sweet and delicate. 

One bag makes 3 cups. Only 3 cups to be drank daily. Not suitable for women already using HRT. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jayne Day
Pleasant flovour, and sleep improved

Saw this advertised at a show. Tried it, and was pleasantly surprised, taste not overpowering, and quality of sleep is so much better if I have a cup before bed.

Emma Kay
Fab lady tea

Bought some of this at Cardiff Christmas Market. It is fantastic. I don't do HRT as I prefer natural solutions. This works very well at soothing some of the symptoms and you can reuse the bags. Excellent concept at a reasonable price. Have just ordered some more!

Katy Hocking
HR Tea

I love this tea. I bought some at a market and loved it so much I ordered online. Great delivery. Good when you want a caffeine free soothing warm drink.

Updated review

Updated from previous review. Item received and I’m very happy with the tea 🥰

Charlotte Morris
Unable to review

Unable to review, order hasn’t arrived yet. Three stars submitted as a neutral review.

Hi Charlotte,

We are sorry to hear you haven’t received your order yet. We have checked tracking and we can see that it has been lost in delivery. We have refunded you the cost of your order and will issue a replacement. This information including evidence from the delivery company has been emailed to the email address you provided.
All the best,


Frequently asked questions

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How do I re-use the teabag?

The teabags are pretty strong. Just squeeze the excess water from your teabag, pop it on a saucer and keep it in the fridge. The teabag will last up to 3 days.

Are there any micro plastics in the product?

We are proud to say that you will not find any plastic in our teabags and our packaging. Our packaging is made from recycled materials, our teabags are plastic free and we use clear compostable pouches for our blends.

Is it all natural?

Yes, 100%! It’s our mission to bring you nature in your brew. That’s why you won’t find dust in your teabags and you will only find whole flower ingredients just like nature intended.