Simply Wellbeing Community Group

Looking for help with Sleep, Menopause, Love and Relationships, Nutrition and all things wellbeing?

Then the Simply Wellbeing group on Facebook is for you! 

When I suffered burnout from stress back in 2017 I was at a complete loss as to how to help myself. I was barely physically functioning and mentally my anxiety was so bad I couldn't drive and didn't want to leave the house. Having been a Psychology Teacher for years and taught people struggling with their mental health you would think I would be an expert but sadly, no. I found it really difficult to not only find the help that I needed but I was terrified of making contact with others and not knowing what to expect was a real barrier for me. 

That's why I started the Simply Wellbeing group on Facebook. I wanted the group to be a 'Yellow Pages' of wellbeing for those looking to seek help for a number of issues. The group is completely free to join and has a variety of professional guest speakers each month chatting with me over a cuppa, answering your questions and giving free advice. You get to meet the people behind the services beforehand helping you to break down those barriers to seeking help. More than ever we need to be looking after ourselves and I think Simply Wellbeing is a great place to start so come and join in the chat!



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