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Welcome to our new website!

WOW what an awesome three years we have had! When I started my first stall in 2018 with only five tea blends and a Chinese takeaway pot as a till I didn’t think I would have come this far. You see it wasn’t always this glamorous. Before I started TEA BY THE SEA I was in a really miserable place. I had just quit my job after having burnout, I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do next and I felt completely confused and lost. It was only when I bought the most awful cup of tea that I had the idea to start a business. So frustrated that I had spent a lot of money on this cup of yucky tea I felt that I could do better and that the people who drink tea deserve better too. Armed with a garage full of stuff to sell to buy equipment and pay for business certificates I slowly managed to make enough money to experiment with different teabags, ingredients and packaging. Within 6 months I had created my first five blends, my hygiene qualifications completed and a sign off by trading standards achieved. At this point I had sold NOTHING but I felt so motivated to keep going and I just knew that what I was doing was right. Don’t get me wrong, I had days where I just thought I should go back into teaching or find ‘a real job’ but this business needed to be out there and I needed IT. Now three years later after attending 100’s of stalls, making 1000’s of teabags, meeting lots of amazing people and making new business friends I feel quite overwhelmed when I think back to that first stall day. I think I made £25.40 (I bought a cake from another stall so it would have been £26 😂). Although, I could have made £1 and I would have been happy. I had turned up enthusiastic, ready to start my dream and I was going to make sure I did everything I could to make it work.

Apart from my first stall day, one of the main highlights for me was when we were featured in Prima magazine last year. Telling my story and seeing my face on a double page spread in a national magazine was so strange but at the same time exhilarating. The support that the readers have given me has been wonderful and if you’re a Prima reader and you are reading this now -thank you. Finally, a huge thank you to my customers that have followed me around at my venue dates and then followed me online especially during the pandemic. Every order, every ‘like’ and every share has helped shape the business and I am now pleased to report that we have a a fully functional cash box and even a card machine!

I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

All the best,



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